Often here on the blog, we talk about our Prairie Pride poly bins and their many features. Today, we want to share some feedback we’ve had from our customers on what they’ve used the poly bins for.  The high quality polyethylene plastics make our bins highly versatile for various uses.  The polyethylene plastic is able to support heavy loads and many growers have found them extremely useful for storing pre-mix.

The cone shape of the bin makes it easy to dispense the mix.  Polyethylene plastic also creates a ultra-smooth interior surface which allows for easy flow of whatever you are storing in your bin.  The smooth interior has even proven to be effective in dispensing DDGS feeds which are inherently more mashed and crumpled and ensures a consistent flow.

Our bins have also been used to store salt.  The size of portabins also makes it easy to transport these bulk materials.  For more information on the alternative uses for polybins and portabins, please contact our sales team.

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At Prairie Pride, all of our products were built with the final users in mind. We believe that the customer experience does not end with the delivery of the product and that it is important for us to build a relationship with the ones that we serve so that we can always know what their needs and concerns are.

When you receive your Polybin, Portabin, Auger Boots or Slide Gates, you will receive step-by-step assembly manuals to help you through the set up process.  We’ve made available some of these assembly manuals online for your convenience and referral.

If at any time during the set up process you require assistance, feel free to contact the team by calling (204) 488-6077 or by filling out this contact form.  One of our representatives will contact you to walk you through the process step by step.

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Over the years, the Ontario Pork Congress has grown into one of the largest pork-specific tradeshows and events in Canada.  This year will be the 40th anniversary for this event and we are happy to once again announce our attendance.  This year’s tradeshow will take place June 19th – 20th once again in Stratford, Ontario.

The Ontario Pork Congress has played a tremendous role in the growth of the pork industry in Canada.  For example, the Congress was instrumental in bringing global information to Canadian pork producers during the E-coli Scour Vaccinations.  Educational seminars held during the 2 day event also help Canadian pork producers deal with difficult economic times, new technologies and products, return on investment and lowering costs of production.

But most of all, the Ontario Pork Congress is a great opportunity for us to connect with others in the industry and a great venue for us to showcase our many products including bulk feed tanks, feed tanks and hog feeders that can bring great value to pork producers in Canada.

We are looking forward to this event and we hope to see you there! Look for our signage. To get in touch with us prior or during the event, please contact us here.

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It is no surprise that the World Pork Expo is the world’s largest pork-specific trade show. This annual event brings in more than 20,000 attendees every year from around the world including pork producers from South America, Europe and Asia.

This year’s event will be held over 3 days from June 5th – 7th, 2013 at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines, Iowa.  Along with trade show exhibits, attendees will be able to take part in various seminars and workshops that cover a wide range of pork-industry related topics.  This year’s focus will be on animal well-being, business and environmental management, production efficiencies and much more.

We look forward to showing you our products – from bulk feed bins and hog feed tanks to hog feeders, bin accessories and fans, we offer quality products for pork producers operating in today’s challenging times.  Our products are made from high grade polyethylene plastic that is highly durable, providing reliable service, longevity and efficiency.

We look forward to the seeing you at the World Pork Expo 2013!  To get in touch with our sales representatives prior to or during the congress, message us here.

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At Prairie Pride, we are constantly looking at the market to find ways to better serve our customers.  Whether it is from a design or materials perspective or from a logistical standpoint, it is important for us to be able to provide our customers with a positive experience every step of the way.

Our supplier in North Carolina is Laura Lee of Poly-Bins Inc.  For many years, she has provided our customers in the south with valuable knowledge and experience.  Laura Lee has been in the industry for over 18 years and has worked closely with growers, listening to their unique needs and concerns. Having a distribution point in North Carolina also allows us to better serve our customers in that region – with greater access to our products, quicker delivery times and cost efficiencies.

We are always looking for distributors to add to our network. If you are interested in becoming a poly-bin distributor for Prairie Pride, please contact us here.

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At Prairie Pride, we work closely with hog and poultry producers across North America and we understand that for them, rising operating costs are very much a reality.  That is why we believe our range of poly bins are a good alternative that can help you keep costs down. Our bins are highly durable – and are produced in Canada in our ISO 9002 certified facility.

Leaders in the hog industry have already recognized the benefits of poly feed bins over galvanized steel bins. Many, including one of America’s most trusted name in the hog industry, have begun replacing steel bins with poly ones. Find out for yourself now by contacting the sales team at Prairie Pride at 204-488-6077.

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Like many other industries, the hog producing industry in the USA and Canada has experienced significant change over the years.  Increased production costs, competition, sustainability and corporate responsibility have forced pork producers to work harder at achieving efficiency and to continually examine their practices.

Many hog producers in Illinois, Iowa, Kansas and across the Midwest have discovered the benefits of replacing galvanized steel bins with polybin feed bins and feed tanks.  Polyethylene Bins offer many advantages over the traditional steel bins such as visible feed level, consistent and smooth feed flow, and easy assembly.  Most importantly, polybin bulk feed bins and bulk feed tanks are durable and will remain corrosion free.  This result in fewer replacements of bins – a much more cost effectively and environmentally friendly solution.

The benefits of Prairie Pride made Polyethylene Bulk Feed Bins and Feed Tanks is being recognized by hog producers throughout North America.  Most recently, this was proven by a large scale order of over 150 polybins feed bins in the Midwest by QC Supply.  Even large scale hog producers are noticing the benefits of our products!  Our products have a proven success record – see more testimonials here and see how our bulk feed bins and bulk feed tanks have made a different to real farmers.

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Just a reminder that Prairie Pride will be attending the Alberta Pork Congress tomorrow. We will be there alongside our distributors to answer any questions you may have regarding poly feed bins, poly feed tanks, and portabins.  If you are in Red Deer, Alberta or surrounding areas, be sure to drop by this invaluable event.  Learn about the latest technology, products and techniques relating to the pork industry.

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Once again, Prairie Pride will be attending the Alberta Pork Congress, taking place March 20th and 21st, 2013 in Red Deer, Alberta.  The Alberta Pork Congress is Western Canada’s largest and longest running tradeshow.  This annual event attracts more than 100 exhibitors in over 200 booths and is an invaluable event to pork producers and those working in the pork industry.  It is a great forum for discovering the latest technologies and best practices in the industry.

Prairie Pride works closely with all our distributors and in an effort to support our distributors in Alberta, we will be attending the event and will be at the booths of our distributors to answer any questions you may have.  Look for our posters and banners at the tradeshow.

Prairie Pride polyethylene feed bins and bulk feed tanks are highly durable and cost effective.  Virtually maintenance free, these tanks are built for rugged use and will result in fewer replacements. These feed bins and feed tanks have been field-tested and have had excellent results for pork producers who have replaced galvanized bins with our tanks. If you are looking for a better alternative for your galvanized steel bins, we would like to share with you our knowledge and to help you make better, informed decisions. Be sure to come visit us!

Alberta Pork Congress
Date: March 20th – 21st, 2013
Location: Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
Venue: Westerner Park
Web: http://albertaporkcongress.com/

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Despite the pursuit of efficiency by today’s pork producers, the hog industry continues to face challenges such as increased production costs, logistics, market access and competition.  Pork producers have seen a significant increase in the cost of feed – if you are in the hog industry, you are already well aware of this trend.  Many pork producers from Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, North Carolina and across the Midwest states and Canada have started using DDGS feeds to keep feed costs manageable.

But with the substitution of traditional feed with DDGS feed, comes new challenges.  DDGS feed is inherently more mashed and crumpled.  Flowability becomes an issue.  Prairie Pride polybin feed bins and feed tanks are made of high quality polyethylene plastic. Its smooth bin interiors ensure a smooth and consistent feed flow.  Minimal feed hang up also means that there is minimal feed wastage which will further produce savings from hog producers.  Polybin feed bins and feed tanks offer many benefits overall to hog producers.

The Prairie Pride polyethylene advantage has not been lost on the hog industry in the US and Canada.  Prairie Pride recently fulfilled an order for over 150 polybins to a large scale US livestock production company in the Midwest.  Our bins will be used in their hog production farms.

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