PolyBins Versus Galvanized Steel

For decades poultry and pig farmers have been using galvanized steel bins for storing and dispensing feed. Yet, in the last two decades we have seen increasing numbers of farmers switching to PolyBins for their feed storage and dispensing. Obviously, these farmers are seeing a benefit to using the PolyBins over the galvanized steel.

There are several advantages that our customers are siting as their reasons for choosing Polybins. One of those reasons is the ability to see the feed line through the container. This eliminates any guesswork about how soon the bin will need to be refilled. Something farmers did not have available to then with a galvanized steel bin.

Another aspect of the PolyBins that our customers often mention is the fact that they don’t have to deal with rust corrosion with their PolyBins. Rust was a common issue with galvanized steel. We have customers that use the PolyBins for dispensing salt, a very corrosive agent that would be very destructive to galvanized steel.

The galvanized steel bins also did not have the same smooth flow that is achieved with the PolyBins. Our customers have less trouble with feed moving down the smooth sidewalls of the PolyBins than they did with the old galvanized steel.

Visibility, non-corrosive and free flowing: three of the advantages of using PolyBins over galvanized steel.

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