Polyfan: The First Rotomolded Polyethylene Fan Housings

Prairie Pride’s Polyfans are not easily compared to any other exhaust or recirculation fans. That is because they are the first fans produced with rotomolded polyethylene housings. Plastic? Yes, but this is not just plastic. It is the process, rotational molding, that makes these fan housings extra strong and durable.

The rotomolded polyethylene fan housings are created by filling a metal mold with powdered resin. The mold is then heated as it is rotated until the resin bonds together in one solid unit. In addition to making an extremely durable product, it also has a very smooth corrosive free surface. This creates efficient air flow and easy cleaning, two very important elements for our clients. Custom rotational molding has also allowed for the aerodynamic designs, in a variety of sizes, that have been developed for the Polyfans.

As with all our products, the development of our Polyfan line follows through on our commitment to provide the hog and poultry industry with excellence, and not just the status quo.

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