Can You Afford Steel?

With the rising cost of feed and having to get the best growth performance out of you birds or livestock you can’t afford to put your feed in anything less than a Polybin.

Have you always used steel bins on your farm, but fought against rust, corrosion and spoiled feed?

What if you could find feed bins made of a material that’s completely corrosion resistant, resists denting and scratching, protects your animals from infection and disease caused by eating stale, possibly rotten feed, and lets you see right away that your feed inventory is getting low?

No, it’s not magic (although once you see how these feed bins perform, you may start believing in the supernatural). These bins are made of high-grade polyethylene plastic and are durable in all kinds of weather. Consider this.

You can check the level in your bins up to a mile away. Ever run out of feed for your animals or have to scramble at the last minute? With Polybins, as long as you can see your bins, you’ll know how much feed you have. You may even start to appreciate that nosy neighbor, calling when you’re out of town to tell you your feed bins are low.

Forget about banging on your bins to keep the feed flowing. Do you have problems with feed separating or wish you didn’t have to spend so much time coaxing the feed out of the feed bin? You probably don’t care that Polybins are manufactured in a seamless molding process. But you can put away that hammer you keep handy to keep the feed moving in the bin. Feed outages cost thousands of dollars in lost performance in bird and livestock production you can’t afford that at feed prices today.

How does a 26-year service life (and counting) sound? Poly Bins carry a 10-year warranty but most of our customers have bins that are going strong long past that milestone. You won’t have to worry about rust and corrosion, and you won’t get dents and scratches (no matter how many times you kick the bin).

Even when steel bins are cheaper you can’t afford not to invest in something better?

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