Full or Partial Steel Bin Replacement

Do you have a feed bin that’s deteriorating and needs to be replaced? Did you know that steel bins can be either partially or completely replaced with polyethylene plastic bins?

Depending on how much your bin has degraded, you have the option of replacing just the cone or the body or the entire bin. When just partial replacement is needed, you’ll see considerable savings AND dramatically increase the lifespan of your bin.

So why would you want to replace a steel bin with one made of high-grade polyethylene plastic?

Lower costs over the total lifespan of the feed bin. On average, a Poly Bin has two or even three times the life of the comparable steel bin. And these bins are virtually maintenance free. That means your valuable farm labor spends their time tending to your birds and livestock, not worrying about corroded feed bins.

Eliminate mildew, rot and spoiled feed. What’s one of the best ways to improve the health of your herd? Reduce infection and disease by giving your animals higher quality feed. The reflective properties of the white poly material means much less heat and condensation build-up inside the bin. And it means more money in your pocket from reduced feed costs and healthier animals.

Never run out of feed again. As long as you can see your bins, you’ll know how much feed you have. The only way you’ll run out of feed is if you forget to place your regular order (or if your nearest neighbor goes on vacation).

Whether you need just part of your feed bin replaced or you need a new bin, you can’t miss with the quality and longevity of a Poly Bin.

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