Introducing the Improved Steel Stand

We are happy to introduce another new product to our line up – the New Improved Steel Stand.   These new stands are formed from flat galvanized metal sheets that prevent rusting and corrosion under any weather conditions.  The parts are completed with an overall quality finish that guarantees durability and longevity – they really are built to last!

The addition of a lower bin cone and braces also help in reducing deformation that may be caused by flow inconsistencies.  This is especially the case if you’re using DDGS feeds.

These New Improved Steel Stands also offer added cost savings because the flat galvanized steel sheets reduce shipping space and allows us to offer even more competitive pricing for all our customers.

These steel stands are easy to install and come with a hardware kit that includes all the necessary parts for assembly.

Contact us to find out more details about our New Improved Steel Stands.

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