New 18.5Ton Polybin Coming Summer 2012

With the expansion of the ethanol industry in the US and Canada, hog and poultry producers and others in the livestock industry are quickly discovering the benefits of using DDGS in their feed rations to keep their feed costs down..

What is DDGS?

DDGS or Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles is a by-product of the ethanol production process. It is a highly nutrient feed option that is high in protein, fibers and minerals and provides livestock with the same nutrients as corn feed but at a significantly lower cost. Because the feed is dry and has no water content, it has an almost indefinite shelf life and can be shipped to any market.

However, DDGS feed has a tendency to cause hang up in feed distribution in the traditional steel feed bins. Our Polybins are made from polyethylene plastic and in addition to its many advantages – polybins offer the smoothest feed flow of any bins offered on the market today. If you do experience a hang up, simply bang on the polybin to loosen up the feed – your bin will not dent or be damaged.

Coming this summer, Prairie Pride will be introducing our new 18.5ton Polybin, the largest capacity in our product line. The larger size will require fewer refills and you can easily manage feed levels even from afar because the feed level is visible at all times.

Contact Prairie Pride today to find out more about our products and the advantages of plastic feedbins over traditional steel.

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