Polybins Submitted for Testing at the University of Minnesota

Hog and poultry producers, along with others in the livestock industry have recently discovered the advantages of using DDGs in their feed rations. DDG feed is able to provide livestock with the same nutrients as traditional corn feed, but producers are able to save significantly on costs. However, with DDG feeds, it has been discovered that it can result in feed hang-up if used with steel feed bins. When used with our Poly Bins, made with polyethylene plastic, there was little or no hang-up when dispensing the feed.
The University of Minnesota is now conducting testing on the flow of DDG feeds in both steel and polybins. The University of Minnesota has already conducted significant research DDG feeds, especially in the areas of nutrition and cost in an effort to recommend DDG feeds to the agricultural industry as a viable option.
Prairie Pride recently submitted our Poly Bins to University of Minnesota for testing. We are proud to be recognized as a leader in the production of poly bins. We stand behind our products and we hope that with the results from the testing, the hog and poultry industries in Canada and the US will be able to benefit and grow with our products.
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