Portabins: Versatility and Functionality

To meet the need for a smaller plastic bin, we created a line of smaller polybins called Portabins. Ranging from 27  to 75 bushels, these Portabins are ideal for all your small feed and dry materials storage applications.  These 4 ft and 5 ft poly bins are installed on skids to make it easy for you to haul feed or other dry materials around.

Our Portabins have been used at the University of Alberta Research Farm, University of Manitoba Research Farm, University of Nova Scotia Research Farm and many other farming communities where the bins are used to move around bulk salt or premixers, or by plastic molders for moving around color mixed plastic.

Because of their size, their durability and their ability to be moved around easily, our Portabins have been very well received by users in various industries and for various applications.  Contact us today for more information on Polybins and Portabins.

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