Westland Plastics 6yard Bins in Plum Coulee, Manitoba

Westland Plastics recently supplied 25 6-yard bins to Plum Coulee, Manitoba.  The 6-yard bins are a part of the solid waste containers collection but we were happy to see them used for agricultural purposes.  Our customers in Plum Coulee have been using the bins for grains segregation.  The rugged and light weight nature of the polyethylene plastics makes the containers extremely durable and heavy duty – perfect for handling and lifting with forklifts!  The polyethylene plastic also produces a smooth interior which allows for a much smoother flow of grains and is virtually maintenance free.  No painting is necessary and can be easily cleaned with a quick rinse.

Do you think you can benefit from polyethylene waste containers? Do you have a unique requirement that you need a solution to?  Contact us at Prairie Pride and Westland Plastics to see how our products can help you.  We also offer custom OEM rotational molding.  If our current product selection does not meet your needs, we can custom develop a product that will.

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