Prairie Pride Signs Sales Agreement for Sales Rep in North Carolina

At Prairie Pride, we are always looking for ways to better serve our customers.  With the demand for quality polyethylene bins increasing in the South, we are excited to announce the addition of our newest sales representative located in North Carolina, USA.

Laura Lee has over 18 years of experience serving growers in the hog and poultry industry.  Having been involved in the hog industry from a young age, she has witnessed first-hand, the problems that growers experience with corrugated steel bins.  While steel bins can be more cost effective initially, they are prone to rust and corrosion over time requiring frequent repairs or replacement.

Prairie Pride-made Poly bins are made from highly durable polyethylene plastic that is as effective in cold weather as it is in hot climates.  Polyethylene plastic bins and feed tanks are strong enough to handle concentrate material.  Feed level is always visible which allows you take feed inventory from afar.  The greatest advantage to our polyethylene bins, tanks and other poly products is that they remain corrosion-free and rust-free which results in less maintenance and upkeep.

Interested in getting in touch?

Laura Lee
P: 1.910.271.0443

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