Product Highlight: Pit Plugs

For 30 years, Prairie Pride has been producing and distributing high quality equipment for the hog industry.  In addition to poly feed bins and poly feed tanks, we also offer pit plugs, water nipples and water tanks to serve all facets of the growers’ needs.

Our #PP-8BF Flexible Burpable Pit Plugs can fit sewer pipes that are 6” to 8”.  Its large 2” opening allows for easy filling with sand.  The pit plug is able to completely seal the liquid in to reduce manure flow problems.   Manure gas is extremely dangerous – if the pit plug is pulled and left out, near pure methane gas can enter and rise into the barn space.  Without proper ventilation or if the ventilation fan has been turned off, the methane gas can build up to dangerous explosive or flammable levels.   When plugged in, the extended bottom allows the plug to adjust and rise with gas pressure.

Our unique pit plug design includes a strong top and heavy side walls.  Combined with the flare at the top, this reduces the chance of plugs being pulled into the pipe.  The large 1.5” hold in the handle also allows for easy locating when pulling the plug.

8” Flex and 10” Flex models are also available. Contact us today for more information.

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