Prairie Pride Bulk Feed Tanks and Bulk Feed Bins a Better Solution for Today’s Hog Producers

Despite the pursuit of efficiency by today’s pork producers, the hog industry continues to face challenges such as increased production costs, logistics, market access and competition.  Pork producers have seen a significant increase in the cost of feed – if you are in the hog industry, you are already well aware of this trend.  Many pork producers from Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, North Carolina and across the Midwest states and Canada have started using DDGS feeds to keep feed costs manageable.

But with the substitution of traditional feed with DDGS feed, comes new challenges.  DDGS feed is inherently more mashed and crumpled.  Flowability becomes an issue.  Prairie Pride polybin feed bins and feed tanks are made of high quality polyethylene plastic. Its smooth bin interiors ensure a smooth and consistent feed flow.  Minimal feed hang up also means that there is minimal feed wastage which will further produce savings from hog producers.  Polybin feed bins and feed tanks offer many benefits overall to hog producers.

The Prairie Pride polyethylene advantage has not been lost on the hog industry in the US and Canada.  Prairie Pride recently fulfilled an order for over 150 polybins to a large scale US livestock production company in the Midwest.  Our bins will be used in their hog production farms.

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