A Better Alternative for Hog Producers in the USA and Canada

Like many other industries, the hog producing industry in the USA and Canada has experienced significant change over the years.  Increased production costs, competition, sustainability and corporate responsibility have forced pork producers to work harder at achieving efficiency and to continually examine their practices.

Many hog producers in Illinois, Iowa, Kansas and across the Midwest have discovered the benefits of replacing galvanized steel bins with polybin feed bins and feed tanks.  Polyethylene Bins offer many advantages over the traditional steel bins such as visible feed level, consistent and smooth feed flow, and easy assembly.  Most importantly, polybin bulk feed bins and bulk feed tanks are durable and will remain corrosion free.  This result in fewer replacements of bins – a much more cost effectively and environmentally friendly solution.

The benefits of Prairie Pride made Polyethylene Bulk Feed Bins and Feed Tanks is being recognized by hog producers throughout North America.  Most recently, this was proven by a large scale order of over 150 polybins feed bins in the Midwest by QC Supply.  Even large scale hog producers are noticing the benefits of our products!  Our products have a proven success record – see more testimonials here and see how our bulk feed bins and bulk feed tanks have made a different to real farmers.

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