Versatility of the Poly Bin

Often here on the blog, we talk about our Prairie Pride poly bins and their many features. Today, we want to share some feedback we’ve had from our customers on what they’ve used the poly bins for.  The high quality polyethylene plastics make our bins highly versatile for various uses.  The polyethylene plastic is able to support heavy loads and many growers have found them extremely useful for storing pre-mix.

The cone shape of the bin makes it easy to dispense the mix.  Polyethylene plastic also creates a ultra-smooth interior surface which allows for easy flow of whatever you are storing in your bin.  The smooth interior has even proven to be effective in dispensing DDGS feeds which are inherently more mashed and crumpled and ensures a consistent flow.

Our bins have also been used to store salt.  The size of portabins also makes it easy to transport these bulk materials.  For more information on the alternative uses for polybins and portabins, please contact our sales team.

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